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Diamond Equity International GmbH

Our  professional, cost effective management consulting service for the business and information technology communities. Typical engagements include:Source and Supply

Our services include a wide range  designed as per each clients special requirement including  Information planning, Market Risk analysis and Marketing, operations process and workflow  for production , sales, import or Export performance improvement, business planning and evaluation, selection and implementation of required actions plan  for project management and facilitation, financial and manufacturing strategy plans which suit each client cost containment contingency plan.

We would like an opportunity to discuss your consulting needs in more detail. To understand your specific needs and requirement which interest to you, drop us a line through Contact Us! or call us to arrange a free introductory meeting to discuss your organization's needs.

Consultancy Services

Risk analysis is very important for start-ups and small businesses and corporate's to implement right decision  by their management. A professional business plan should include a discussion of business risks and challenges.

Identification and discussion of business risks and challenges, and having strategies in place to deal with them strengthens the plan, enhances management’s credibility and increases the confidence potential investors will have in the business plan and its financial projections. Being up front and discussing potential business risks, rather than glossing over them, builds confidence in the company’s management.

Our Inspection and Survey services. Including but not limited to Quality, weight and condition of products as per our customers requirements and their products  may include  the following during Production, load port or destination port can include the following subject to client request.

- Inspection prior to consolidation

- Inspection during production or at load port or destination stage.

- Weight control

- Packaging requirements and inspection

- Daily report with pictures

- Weight and Quality certificates

Market Risk Analysis

Product Quality Survey and Inspection Services